Top Spots for Family Reunions in Ohio

The spring and summer are almost upon us, meaning now is an excellent time for a family reunion. If your family plans to gather back together in Ohio, you have plenty of great spots to choose to get together or visit during the reunion. 

Two of the most popular choices for traveling and gathering in Ohio are renting an RV or choosing a rental in Ohio. You travel in comfort with either option, in addition to traveling around in your home if you go for the RV option. No matter which option you choose, here are the top five destinations in Ohio when you’re there for a family reunion.

Hocking Hills State Park

This is a great destination for nature enthusiasts and those who love to spend their time outdoors and engage in physical activity. Bringing an RV to this state park is a great idea because you can sleep near nature and won’t have to worry about traveling to the park every day.

In addition to its beauty and natural splendor, Hocking Hills also hosts a bevy of activities depending on the time of year, such as bird watching, photography, caves explorations, and hikes of varying duration. There are also vendors who sell the chance to canoe, zipline, or rock climb.

Boston Mills Ski Resort

If you’re in the mood for something more adventurous than a hiking trip, you can visit Boston Mills Ski Resort and hit the slopes. Boston Mills is one of the most famous and active ski resorts in the state because of its grand capacity, variation of slopes, and family-friendly atmosphere.

The venue offers an astounding nineteen different slopes to choose from, in addition to four quads and five triples. You can drive your RV up to the slopes or choose a nice Ohio rental near the lodge to save some time. The slopes are great for people of every skill level and experience.

Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens

If your reunion takes place in Akron, or you’re willing to drive a bit, you can visit the historic and awe-inspiring Stan Hywet Hall and Gardens. This is the sixth-largest historic home in the nation and is freely open to the public to explore and admire.

There’s no overstating the historic and grand beauty of the house, as there are intricate details permeating every inch of the five-building and 70-acre abode. The house was actually constructed by F.A. Seiberling, who founded Goodyear; you can relax and look around the house as you teach your children about the historical significance of its many details, structures, furniture, and decorations.

Cuyahoga Valley Train Ride

Another great option for those who wish to experience the magic of nature, the Cuyahoga Valley train ride will take you through hills and valleys at just the right speed. You can park your RV right near the train or stay in one of the many Ohio rentals near the station.

When you take the ride, you’re in for a romantic trip around the valley, especially if you choose the evening train, which offers a delicious four-course dinner in addition to the ride. There’s nothing like riding the train through the fall foliage and letting your mind wander as you observe and absorb the majesty of Ohio nature.

Mad River Mountain

Last but not least is another fantastic ski slope. Mad River Mountain may seem menacing by its name, but it’s actually a slope that fits a range of skill levels and ages. Just northwest of Columbus in Zanesfield, this skiing excursion is a massive and expansive journey through the mountains.

The venue boasts twenty trails and twelve lifts, so the crowds naturally dissipate as you ski. If you don’t feel like skiing one day, you can always visit the tubing park attached to the venue. Make great use of your RV and visit this skiing resort for a week or two.