A Complete Guide To Skiing In Ohio

Winter in Ohio brings cold and snowy weather, and that means it is time to hit the ski slopes. Central Ohio has some of the best powder in the nation, and there are plenty of ski slopes to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular ski adventures in the Central Ohio area. 

Mad River Mountain

Mad River Mountain, located off Route 33 between Bellefontaine and Marysville, is Ohio’s largest ski resort, boasting more than 140 acres of slopes covered in natural or man-made snow. 

Mad River Mountain has something for everyone regardless of experience and skill level. The resort offers instruction at their ski & snowboarding learning center to help grow confidence levels. Advanced skiers will find plenty of challenge and excitement on the resort’s expert trails.

Those who are looking for a different sort of adventure can visit Mad River Mountain’s Bubly Tubing Park, which offers over a thousand lanes of snow tubing fun.

Guests can bring their equipment or choose from the 700+ pairs of skis and snowboards available for rent through the resort’s slopeside equipment rental shop. Day lockers and seasonal lockers are available on-site to store your equipment when it is not in use.


Lodging is available on-site at the state’s largest ski lodge, which offers a full-service bar, shopping, and event space. 

Rates (subject to change)

Adult Lift Tickets: $35 – $40

Senior and Child Lift Tickets: $25 – $30

Equipment Rentals: $30 – $40 

Snow Trails

Snow Trails, which opened in 1961, is Ohio’s oldest ski resort. The 80-acre resort boasts some of the most challenging ski slopes for experienced skiers and adventure seekers. Snow Trails is home to the state’s tallest ski slopes offering adrenaline junkies 300 feet of vertical drop.

Snow Trails was one of the first ski resorts in the state to offer man-made snow to enhance natural snowfall ensuring the slopes will be covered with thick, fresh powder all season long.


Snow Trails does not offer on-site lodging; however, there are several local hotels and lodges located a short distance from the park.

Rates (subject to change)

Weekend/Peak Day Lift Tickets: $52

Weekday Lift Tickets: $42

Equipment Rentals: $37 – $47

Alpine Valley

Located in the center of Ohio’s snow belt, Alpine Valley consistently receives over 120 inches of natural snowfall a year. Skiers and snowboarders of all ages and experiences will find fun and adventure on Alpine Valley’s 72 acres of 230-foot vertical terrain. The resort offers trails for beginners as well as more challenging slopes for experienced skiers and adventure seekers.


Alpine Valley does not offer on-site lodging; however, there are several local hotels and bed and breakfast properties located a short distance from the park.

Rates (subject to change)

Adult Lift Tickets: $43

Junior (Ages 5-12) Lift Tickets: $38 

Senior And Child (Age 4 and under) Lift Tickets: $10 

Equipment Rentals: $25-$30

Planning Your Ohio Ski Vacation

Ready to hit the slopes in Ohio? Traveling with a family or a large group of friends? No problem! You will find several suitable hotels and bed and breakfast facilities a short drive from Ohio’s top resorts. 

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Want to bring your home with you? Load up the RV and visit one of Ohio’s many RV parks and camping locations. 

What are you waiting for? Start planning your Ohio skiing vacation today. The slopes are ready for you!