5 Best Ski Resorts in Ohio

Are you thinking of planning the perfect winter getaway this year? The beautiful ski slopes of Ohio offer scenic destinations that are wonderful for family-friendly fun. Read on to discover some of the best locations for skiing in Ohio and how you can plan your next ski trip. 

5 Best Locations to go Skiing in Ohio

Ranging from a few minutes to a few hours away from the Indian Lake Area, Ohio is home to several ski resorts that offer great accommodations for families as well as options for difficulty. Hit the slopes and start your winter adventure at the following resorts:

Mad River Mountain

Encompassing more than 144 acres, Mad River Mountain is Ohio’s largest ski resort and just a short drive from Columbus, Ohio. With the resort’s size, restaurants, entertainment, and diverse program offerings for skiers of all ages and experience levels, there is something for all of your friends and family. Do you or a family member fall into the non-skier category? Check out the tubing park for exhilarating fun!

Snow Trails

Next on the list is Ohio’s oldest ski resort, Snow Trails. Offering snow tubing, skiing, and snowboarding, Snow Trails provides group and individual lessons for both freestyle and advanced skiing techniques. The resort’s snow-making equipment keeps the slopes ready for fun from December to March.

Alpine Valley

Just 35 miles east of Cleveland, Alpine Valley is a great place for beginners and skiing experts. There is a variety of terrain ranging from gentle slopes for those still learning to intermediate and advanced slopes for experienced skiers—fun fact: Alpine Valley gets more natural snowfall than other Ohio ski areas

Big Creek Ski Area

A member-owned club, the Big Creek Ski Area, is the only Ohio ski club with a hill of its own. As a result, big Creek is well-suited for families with children of members being able to get free instruction.

Boston Mills Brandywine

Two sister ski areas, Boston Mills and Brandywine, are just a 5-minute drive from each other. With the option for both daytime and evening skiing, visitors can purchase their passes in advance and hit the slopes at two resorts. The resorts are home to Boston Mills’ “Tiger Run,” the steepest slope in the state, and Brandwine’s Polar Blast, which offers snow tubing for the whole family.

Book Your Cabin Today 

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